we’re in the ietm ‘fresh perspectives’ publication

we’re super excited to be part of the ietm publication ‘fresh perspectives 6: mixed reality and the theatre of the future, arts and new technologies’.

in it, mixed-reality practitioners share their experiences, give insights into their practices, and share their learnt lessons,  and possibilities for development and collaborations. it’s suited to people interested in making work that sits in mixed reality – anything that straddles the real environment and a virtual environment. the publication posits this as part of ‘the theatre of the future’, using new technologies to create new types of experiences for audiences. 

we wrote about our artwork blackmarket; unpacking the making of the work from idea to testing to production, and how we walked the line between an augmented reality world existing on the streets of the real world. 

you can download the publication here. enjoy reading it all – there’s plenty of interesting material from creative comrades from around the world. 

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