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we were really excited to have been part of disrupted – festival of ideas at the state library of wa.

we rounded off the festival program with resist: the right to change, our non-violent conflict resolution artwork, based on the ancient practice of using tug-of-war to solve differences. we spent the festival asking attendees about any issues or problems in perth, society and the world that the festival had brought up or shed light on, and asked the people for their solutions. the range of responses was huge!

for our performance, we selected ten dilemmas that seemed most pressing, and allowed the people to go to battle for their ideas.

following the tug-of-wars, pvi hand deliver the results to someone in a position of power. for this round, pvi selected the honourable colin barnett mla, premier of western australia. we successfully delivered the results to his office and are eagerly awaiting a response.

here is what the people of disrupted came up with, and their wins and losses:


above photos by pvi collective

above photos: Disrupted – Festival of Ideas 2016. Photos by Jess Wyld.

the results:

the people vs. extinction

issue: we are in the middle of the planet’s 6th mass extinction.

solution: we should each adopt an animal or plant as our personal totem and protect and care for it, learn about it and champion it. this will give us empathy for nature, and a sense of purpose towards the environment.

the people won

outcome: we will all now take on a local animal or plant as our personal totem and be a protector and champion for them.


the people vs. one language

issue: 63,000 years of continuous aboriginal culture and language in australia is largely ignored or disrespected by mainstream australia.

solution: learning the local language and customs of each area will be integrated, through schooling, translated street signage and print material.

the people lost

outcome: we will continue to ignore local aboriginal culture and language in our public spaces.


the people vs workday exhaustion

issue: we work for 8 hours a day, we commute for 2 hours, we cook and clean, we be a good parent, we go to sleep. we are exhausted. there is not enough time left to contribute to social, political and personal change.

solution: reduce the standard workday to 6 hours, allowing people more time to engage within their communities.

the people lost

outcome: the standard working day will remain at 8 hours and we will continue to be exhausted and ground down by the day to day.


the people vs. anger

issue: anger is seen as a negative emotion that we keep trying to squash, rather than constructively express.

solution: build anger release centres where people can do things like smash plates, bounce around padded rooms and scream into sound-proof boxes.

the people won

outcome: the anger release centres will be built around perth


the people vs. bad parenting

issue: bad parenting decisions are causing widespread social and mental harm.

solution: all parents should have to attend classes to educate them on responsibly raising children.

the people lost

outcome: parents can continue to raise their children as well or badly as they see fit


the people vs. privatisation

issue: prisons and hospitals are run like profit-driven businesses, where wellbeing and rehabilitation is not the top priority. readmission levels are too high.

solution: hospitals, prisons and other public services must be managed by the government with rehabilitation as a focus.

the people lost

outcome: hospitals and prisons will continue to be run as if they are a for-profit business.


the people vs. technology.

issue: there is too much blind faith in technology and not enough knowledge about its consequences on society, the environment and our health.

solution: compulsory warning labels on technology about the true cost of the device,

with messages about where the parts have come from, who has made them and the impact of for-profit companies having unlimited access to your personal data.

the people won

outcome: all technology sold will have to have warning labels attached


the people vs sadness

issue: people are sad because jobs are focused on making money for businesses

solution: jobs need to be focused on how much happiness you create in the world

the people won

outcome: our kpis will now be about how much joy we bring to customers


people vs fast media

issue: current media lacks integrity due to its shift in values towards immediacy, shock value and infotainment. we do not get variety, depth, substance and reflection from our media.

solution: create a resurgence of slow media like newspapers, and flooding of long form journalism on tv and online

the people lost

outcome: clickbait will continue to reign


people vs wages

issue: there are significant social inequalities as a result of vast wage gaps. there is no minimum income in place to ensure that citizens are not left behind.

solution: implement a salary cap on how much can be earned and give a minimum living income wage to everyone regardless of work

the people lost

outcome: the rich will continue to get rich and the poor will remain poor.

the response:

we received a letter from the honourable colin barnett mla, premiere of wa!

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