pvi wage war on the national cultural policy

resist: the people vs. disparity

dear peers, colleagues, friends and enemies,

on the 1st september 2011 pvi were able to resolve three issues relating to the national cultural policy discussion paper using the ancient art of tug-of-war. the event was held at the national long paddock touring forum at the state theatre in perth and all dilemma’s were drawn from delegates attending. in contests between the people vs. excellence, disparity and culture, 3 champions from the long paddock community stepped forward to fearlessly represent the public against our conflict resolution squad. the results of each contest are listed below.

the ancient art of tug of war dates back to 2500 bc. as a tool for peaceful conflict resolution it was used in a wide variety of contexts, with the results deemed as legally binding under the ‘law of god’. pvi collective bring this ancient tradition into a contemporary context and in this extract of resist for the long paddock forum, invited participants to step up and champion ‘the people’ in battles over three key issues that relate to the cultural policy.
the results of these culture wars will be delivered to the honourable simon crean, mp and we hope that he will take these into consideration.
thankyou to all long paddock participants who cheered us on, stepped up and weren’t afraid of getting rope burn!

to have your say in what the cultural landscape may look like in australia in 2021, the national cultural policy discussion paper is available online and is open for comment until october 21st: click here to view

your friendly neighbourhood tactical media arts group,

pvi collective

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