opportunity: canberra performer call out

deviator: sydney 2013, motherfcukers and steve berrick [pvi] photo by heidrun lohr

deviator: sydney 2013, motherfcukers and steve berrick [pvi]
photo by heidrun lohr

we’re very excited to be presenting a short season of deviator in canberra as part of the enlighten festival on the weekends of 28th feb and 1st march and then on the 7th and 8th march and we need 10 fearless local canberra performers to assist the audience in deviating from the norm.

deviator is an immersive, outdoor game experienced via smart phones in which audience members are invited to temporarily transform their city into a playgrounddeviator activates philosophies around revolution, positioning ‘games’ as a potential trigger to alter the official narratives of place.  the work is adapted on-site with a team of local artists who are embedded out on the streets and referred to as ‘the motherfcukers‘. the motherfcukers are a critical part of the work and are responsible for activating participants on the streets as well as communicating in realtime via their deviator smart phones with each player, adding or subtracting points from them depending on their ability to deviate.

check out the short promo of deviator here for a sense of the work:

deviator is a fun, physically active work and we would love to invite 10 artists to be our canberra based motherfcukers.

if you are interested this is what we would need from you:

availability: on 28th feb and 1st march then 7th and 8th march, 2014
call times: from 7pm ­ 11pm


wednesday 26th feb: 6pm – 10pm
thursday 27th feb – tech run: 6:30 ­ 9:30pm


this is a participatory performance requiring performers to work collaboratively with our artistic team.
motherfcuker role [onsite performer]
for this role you need to:
• be comfortable with being out in public in a performer capacity
• be able to use apps on mobile device [device provided by pvi collective]
• cope well with engaging with the public
• have experience in some capacity as a performer, dancer or actor
• have experience in interactive live art projects (not essential but highly desirable)

successful applicants will be engaged by pvi collective for paid rehearsal and performance.

applications: to register your interest or for more information, please email kate@pvicollective.com by the 7th february with the following details.

email: a short summary about why you’d like to be involved in the project, your physical fitness level [different ‘games’ require different fitness levels] and your cv (please attach to the email) .

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