guess who is coming to chogm?

in-house production line of chogm: who cares? card game

the chogm: who cares? is a limited edition card game designed to unearth some of the questionable activities reportedly undertaken by (some of) the 54 commonwealth leaders and their governments.

each chogm: who cares? pack contains a set of playing cards including question cards and a visual portfolio of all chogm visiting heads of state. you are invited to ‘match a chogm delegate with a dubious deed’.

this limited edition artwork will be strategically placed around the city during chogm for members of the public to play.

chogm: who cares? is intended to be a politically playful artwork that raises questions about abuses of power, how countries are run, the darker underbelly of political motives and the irony of political leaders as celebrated role models. amidst the pomp and ceremony, black hawk helicopters and the bomb squads, pvi are keen to provide an alternative perspective to the commonwealth.

during chogm we will attempt to hand deliver our card game to her majesty the queen.

with the introduction of the controversial chogm special police powers act [2011], described by the australian lawyers alliance as a “wholesale suspension of human rights”, it has been deeply disturbing to discover that spaces for critical voices to be heard have been severely restricted, so we thought it timely to play a game instead…
all chogm: who cares? questions have been gathered from publically available information online including: indy-media sites, wikipedia, amnesty international and facebook.

chogm: who cares? is part of pvi’s ongoing intervention series ‘do we need a permit for this?’.

wish us luck!

your friendly neighbourhood tactical media arts group,

pvi collective

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