KISS club eois now open

KISS club | presented by pvi collective and PICA - Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts event: friday 25 may 2018 applications close 11:59 pm sunday 11 march 2018 pucker up perth! KISS club is a performance club for the intrepid experimental performance maker. all participants are given 10 minutes to experiment, perform, talk, wrangle or crash test their up and coming works and receive direct feedback from their audience. curated & hosted by pvi collective and PICA, each evening gives a fast and furious insight into what’s bubbling in the hearts and minds of perth’s experimental performance makers. continue reading →

blast theory & pvi collective residency exchange recipient: Robert Walton

Blast Theory and pvi collective are excited to announce Robert Walton as the 2018 recipient of our international residency program. We are grateful to the Australia Council for supporting this initiative. We were delighted to receive so many considered and engaging expressions of interest from artists across so many different artforms, from all over Australia. The residency exchange program offers an Australian artist the opportunity to undertake a residency with Blast Theory in their studio in Brighton, UK. The companies aim to support artists working in similar fields and to strengthen the sector as a whole through mentorship and critical feedback. continue reading →

f@%king funding applications!

it's coming up to application deadline time again! are you struggling away, wondering if what you’re doing is good or relevant or even makes sense? we know how that feels. we invite you to come to ‘f@%king funding applications', a generous, collective feedback session in a cone of silence. bring what you’re working on, read it aloud, get some feedback from the other participants. everything suggested during the session can be used or discarded as you please, and everything will remain private and confidential. it’s a group feedback session, so be prepared to give as well as receive. artists from pvi collective will be there to offer their thoughts, tips, and support. we’ll put on some light refreshments, and let’s smash it out together. as preparation for the session, please bring along your draft responses to the main questions in the application of your choosing. to keep it useful, there are limited spaces available - so register your attendance here. check out our facebook event here to keep up to date. 

pvi collective and blast theory international residency opportunity

we're super excited that pvi and blast theory are able to run our international residency again in 2018.  with the support of the australia council for the arts, blast theory and pvi collective are joining forces to facilitate a unique research and development residency opportunity for one australian artist to spend six weeks in residence with blast theory. the residency acknowledges the natural synergies between the two companies and supports pvi collective’s remit to develop opportunities for artists within the experimental sector to develop both their practice and their professional experience. closing date for applications: monday 15th january, 2018 residency dates: 23rd april – 2nd june, 2018 find out more here. join our facebook event here. 


free talk with our favourite arts lawyer

free talk: have you ever wished a lawyer would explain to you how mou (memorandum of understanding), contracts, artistic agreements and co-op agreements might work for creative endeavours? pvi collective board member, michael tucak, is presenting a session on all this and more! if you’re creating devised work and/or working with project-based collectives or forming a group that will regularly work together, this free sesssion can help you avoid disagreements arising out of unclear role or fee division and expectations. arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to fairly and transparently set up and honour your own agreements. 1 september 2017 11:00am - 12:30pm pvi studios 24 brisbane st, perth register your attendance: and after the talk: cheap date with a lawyer ($35) if you’re grappling with a specific problem, and you need some one-on-one time to talk over your delicate (arts law) problems, now’s your chance! for less than the cost of dinner and a drink, you can corner michael for 30 minutes and ask the big (arts law) question you’ve been worried about. there are only 4 timeslots available. to book a date with michael, email with your preferred time: 1:30 - 2:00 - date 1 | 2:00 - 2:30 - date 2 | 2:45 - 3:15 - date 3 | 3:15 - 3:45 - date 4 continue reading →

introducing our sweet seat artists in residence

the sweet seat residency is our newest support initiative for independent artists and arts administrators. we offer our sweet seat artists three months at a dedicated desk, with one hour of mentorship from pvi team members each week, all free of charge.  our 2017 artists in residence in the sweet seat are steven james finch and phoebe sullivan. read more about the sweet seat, our resident artists and their project here. if you'd like to apply for the sweet seat, expressions of interest are open year round. 

KISS club was wonderful

we had a great time at KISS club, co-presented this year for the first time with our friends at pica. we had a q+a with reuban saul of estrin saul lawyers, our featured performers got great feedback, and hawaii was performed with gusto.  continue reading →

resist at curtin university

we had a great time at curtin university running resist with students telling us the issues that are dividing the community there. thanks to our student volunteers sean guastavino and jessica nyanda moyle contests included:

  • the people vs budget cuts
  • the people vs apathy
  • the people vs lonely post-grads
  • the people vs poo
continue reading →

pvi collective seek business manager

pvi are looking for a kick-ass business manager!  position description: the business manager ensures that the business operations of pvi collective support the organisation’s artistic vision by maximising income generation and managing the companies finances on a micro and macro level. they are responsible for the business, financial, human and physical resource, and contract management of the organisation, and for contributing to the strategic development of the organisation’s operations and business areas. continue reading →

we’re in the ietm ‘fresh perspectives’ publication

we're super excited to be part of the ietm publication 'fresh perspectives 6: mixed reality and the theatre of the future, arts and new technologies'. in it, mixed-reality practitioners share their experiences, give insights into their practices, and share their learnt lessons,  and possibilities for development and collaborations. it's suited to people interested in making work that sits in mixed reality - anything that straddles the real environment and a virtual environment. the publication posits this as part of 'the theatre of the future', using new technologies to create new types of experiences for audiences.  we wrote about our artwork blackmarket; unpacking the making of the work from idea to testing to production, and how we walked the line between an augmented reality world existing on the streets of the real world.  you can download the publication here. enjoy reading it all - there's plenty of interesting material from creative comrades from around the world.