become a pvi patron

we are seeking donations to enable us to continue to do what we do. with your amazing support we will be able to:

  • devise new work that is socially engaged and responsive to the spirit of the time;
  • run cia studios;
  • curate new initiatives for the sector;
  • mentor emerging practitioners;
  • run creative development workshops and masterclasses;
  • advocate for live art & hybrid art nationally and internationally;
  • pay research specialists, artists and associates;
  • buy new equipment;
  • and continue to nurture and support a growing community of interdisciplinary art makers whose works defy traditional artistic genres.

pvi collective is listed on the register of cultural organisations and donations over $2 are tax-deductible. if you are interested in becoming a pvi patron, please contact pvi on 08 9228 4440 or

heres what you could get for your generosity…

> $100 patron

a very sincere thankyou from pvi collective in the form of a photograph of some untoward activity.

> $200 patron

including a limited edition copy of tts: recruit, made as part of seminal artwork tts: australia

> $350 patron

if you trust us enough to include your postal address, we will send you some illegal car stickers to place on windscreens of the three most stealable cars in australia.

> $500 patron

includes a pirated copy of ex-israeli military lie detection software to install and test out on your work colleagues.

> $1000 – $5000 patron

includes a revolutionary statement to read aloud at an inappropriate moment accompanied by a red satin cape emblazoned with the name of a famous revolutionary.

> $5000 – upwards patron

includes an invitation to join us on our next public intervention … seriously!

pvi make artworks that instigate tiny revolutions.

pvi collective